Saturday, February 21, 2009

Food Storage...Again.

While browsing for help with my lesson for this Sunday, i got sidetracked (imagine that) and found these files on food storage. Much more my style and i can afford it. Thought i'd share them!
$8.00 a week and Food Storage Calendar and how to get a 3 month supply fast. Let me know if you like them...all 2 of you that read this blog :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


For all of you out there...mainly Becky and MoM..who didn't think i had a crafting bone in my body..i have some news. i can do it. Not very well, but i'm turning over a new leaf (maybe).

I have several "craft" projects going and 1 completed!

And yes, this is selftaught crochet-with start up help by sis Becky! My next project is my cake ok...tiered cake class that i am taking. I caught some of you by surprise with that :). Yes i am taking a class about a craft... Yesterday we did fondant roses and a beginning covered cake..the result:

I will be taking birthday and anniversary requests soon...Our final project is a two tiered cake with at least 20 flowers on it...oh, my. I'll keep you up to date on that.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Facebook Mania

Well i succumbed to the forces of i don't know who and went on Facebook. It was fun..ok more than fun and i couldn't believe the people i found in just a matter of seconds! Ohhhhhh those high school years...i don't have any pictures from high school so when i saw so many of them it made me happy and sad at the same time. But that's ok...everybody feels the same.
I wish i could say nothing has happened lately..but that would be lying (some of you know about the crazy lady showing up on my doorstep). Luckily I can blame all that on Scot's side of the's that Idaho thing. And the moral of that story is don't get into your pj's @ 5.o0 on a's just asking for weird things to happen.
I've been avoiding the computer lateley because i have been determined to learn to crochet...yes Amanda of no talents has decided to craft! Becky came over for a couple, nay 8 hours, to help me get started and lets just say things didn't go too well.

There was a whole lot of drinking going on...ok it was just me and the Dew and the Mints but Becky didn't complain. Notice her hat(the blue one) after 8 hours and my hat (brown) after 8 hours. Nothing more need be said..except maybe she needed a little more work on hers...