Thursday, March 3, 2011


16 reasons YOU, Thomas, make me smile:

  1. You are my first child
  2. You taught teach me patience
  3. Your good grades
  4. Your willingness to let your brother/cousins/neighbors beat you like a pinata
  5. Your love for sports (no I don’t want to know about the last cliff you snowboarded off of..)
  6. Your curly hair
  7. You are my parenting guinea pig
  8. You are dependable
  9. You laugh at the same things I do :)
  10. You want to succeed in life
  11. You choose to be a good kid
  12. You accept regifted presents with gusto..
  13. You always underestimate me (which means I always come out looking good)
  14. You never divulge secrets (like who you “like”)
  15. Your friends adore you
  16. I LOVE YOU

It’s never easy to see a child grow up.   I don’t know which is worse: turning 40 or having your first born turn 16. It’s a toss up.  And why do I feel like 16 was just 2 or 3 years ago for me?  I remember sitting by the pool with my friends, going to dances (who doesn’t hear VH’s “Jump” or Wham’s “Last Christmas” and not smile?), being chased by Guardia Civil for toilet papering, and just being a teen…Growing up gets harder each year that goes by  and looking back get sadder because only as you get older do you truly begin to cherish what it means to be a teen.


OHH..What do I do in the Wintertime?

can you say “ready for spring”?



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Project

I am terrible at decorating for holidays.  I try…but then I feel like the decorations always end up looking sad and lonely.  Probably since there are not many of them and decorations like to congregate in groups.  Mine tend to be loners.    So here I go again.

I saw this project on another website and thought that I would put my own spin on the project.  I bought my frame @ walmart for $3.00 and took it home and sprayed away.


Then I made my own little 8x10 to put in the frame and printed it out on my computer.


(made with ShabbyMissJenn’s St. Pat Kit)

I got out my ribbon and my nail gun..stapled the ribbon to the frame, tied a few knots and St. Patricks door thingy (technical term for that which hangs from a door).